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Japan Cosmetic Center was founded to help bring businesses in the cosmetics industry and associated employment opportunities to Saga Prefecture, particularly to the city of Karatsu and the town of Genkai, and to communities throughout northern Kyushu by putting in place a business environment suited to the cosmetics sector through partnership among industry, academia, and government; spurring economic activities that utilize regional resources by stimulating exchanges among diverse human resources and bringing together technologies; and building structures to promote their application to the global market.

Organization name

Japan Cosmetic Center

Representative Shinji Yamasaki

'November 11, 2013*Became a general incorporated association on April 1, 2015.


4th floor, Oteguchi Center Building 1-1 Minamijonai, Karatsu-shi, Saga Prefecture 847-0013 Phone:+81(0)955-53-8701 Fax:+81(0)955-58-8655


137 members(111 full members and 26 supporting members)*As of June 30, 2022

Articles of Incorporation

Officers and advisors

  • Representative trustees
    • Shinji Yamasaki (President and Representative Director, BLOOM Co., Ltd.)
    • Katsuo Kawashima
    • Yoshinori Iwase (President and Representative Director, Iwase Cosfa Co., Ltd.)
  • Trustees
    • Hiroshi Irimajiri (President and Representative Director, Toremy Corporation.)
    • Masatoshi Mawatari (President and Representative Director, Matsuura Express Co., Ltd.)
    • Fumihiro Okada (Ph.D., Managing Executive Officer, Mandom Corp.)
    • Tatsuo Kurebe (President and Representative Director, Crecos Co., Ltd.)
    • Yoko Tanaka (President and Representative Director, YOKO JAPAN Co., Ltd.)
    • Koji Jinno(President and Representative Director, Honshuprinting co.,ltd.)
    • Shinji Ohnishi (Vice President, Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office, Kyushu University)
    • Noriyoshi Teramoto (Vice President, Saga University)
    • Shiho Kitamura (Promotion Officer Cosmetics Promotion Group Saga Prefectural Government)
    • Yoshiharu Azeta(Manager,Corporate Location Promotion Division,Economic Department,City of Karatsu)
    • Yoshimasa Yamaguchi(Manager, Section of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Town of Genkai)
    • Masami Yamashita (Executive Director, Karatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Auditors
    • Kazuyuki Eguchi(Advisor, Administrative Division, Office of the Director, Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting)
    • Atsuhiro Iwata(Full-time Auditor, Karatsu Shinkin Bank)
  • Advisors
    • Yoshinori Yamaguchi(Governor, Saga Prefecture)
    • Tatsuro Mine(Mayor, City of Karatsu)
    • Shintaro Wakiyama(Mayor, Town of Genkai)
    • Alban Robert Muller(Croda International Plc, Advisor)

Supporting members

  • Kyushu University
  • Saga University
  • Saga Prefectural Government
  • Karatsu City
  • Genkai Town
  • Karatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Karatsu-Uwaba Society of Commerce and Industry
  • Karatsu-Higashi Society of Commerce and Industry
  • Saga Prefectural Regional Industry Support Center
  • Karatsu Agriculutual Cooperative Associaton
  • Nagasaki International University
  • Composite Materialse Research Center, Fukuoka University
  • Japan Cosmetic Licensing Association
  • Beppu University
  • Nishikyushu University
  • Biomedical Informatics R&D Center, Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture
  • Saga Prefecture Fishery Cooperative Federation
  • Saga Women's Junior College
  • Division of Colloid and Interface Science,Research Institute of Science and Technology Tokyo University of Science
  • Fukuoka Institute of Technology
  • Kyushu Sangyo University
  • Japan Beauty Method
  • Hokkaido Association For Bio-Business
  • Laboratory of advanced cosmetic science, Osaka University

Founding purpose、Philosophy、Vision、Mission

Founding purpose

Building a people- and environment-friendly international cluster of cosmetics businesses that use local resources and exceptional technologies.

Japan Cosmetic Center (JCC) was established with a membership consisting of affiliated companies, producers, universities and other research institutions, government agencies, and economic groups and other support institutions in order to create an international cosmetics cluster in Saga Prefecture and northern Kyushu centered around the city of Karatsu and the town of Genkai.

Statement of Founding Purpose(November 11, 2013)


Transforming distinctive regional assets into value for the people of the world

JCC is dedicated to contributing to the revitalization of not only the region and domestic Japanese market, but also the world by creating new added value using regional resources in the beauty and health industries.


JCC will create an international cosmetics cluster founded on the four industries of beauty, health, materials, and exchange.


Creating sustainable industries by tapping the regional economy, supporting members’ activities, and securing new markets so that all may enjoy a better tomorrow

JCC will bring together information, human resources, and industry in an effort to continuously create a new cosmetics industry based in the region by taking advantage of regional resources in Saga Prefecture and northern Kyushu, particularly in the city of Karatsu and the town of Genkai; establishing companies and institutions tasked with carrying out scholarly research and education; and contributing to the revitalization of economic transactions in Japan and abroad.




Alban Muller visits Karatsu and expresses his wish to establish a presence in the city.



Officials from Karatsu visit Cosmetic Valley in France together with representatives of local businesses.


Karatsu hosts a lecture by Alban Muller.



The Cosmetic Valley Association and the City of Karatsu enter into a partnership and cooperation agreement.


The Japan Cosmetic Center Planning and Preparation Committee is formed.
(Three full sessions and seven working sessions will be held by November.)


The Cosmetic Industry Promotion Office is formed at the Karatsu City Office.
The Cosmetic Strategic Team is formed at the Saga Prefectural Office.


Saga Governor Furukawa and former Cosmetic Valley Chairman Alban Muller meet in Chartres, France, to review future exchange and partnership plans.


(November 11) A general meeting is held to form Japan Cosmetic Center.



French Ambassador to Japan Christian Masset visits Karatsu.


JCC exhibits along with member companies at the Cosmetic Valley booth at Cosmeeting Paris, an industry exhibition held in Paris.
Economic Ambassador Florence Jeanblanc-Risler of the French Embassy’s Economic Department and Councilor Pascal Furth of the embassy’s Business Promotion Department visit Karatsu.


Cosmetic Valley Chairman Marc-Antoine Jamet and President Jean-Luc Ansel visit Karatsu.
Consul General Charles-Henri Brosseau of the Consulate General of France in Kyoto visits Karatsu.


A series of joint business discussions are held at the Cosmetic Valley secretariat in Chartres, France.



(April 1) JCC becomes a general incorporated association.


(June 2) JCC and The Beauty Cluster Barcelona (Spain) enter into a partnership and cooperation agreement.


(July 8) JCC and The Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi (Italy) enter into a partnership and cooperation agreement.


(October 8) JCC and The Cosmetic Valley (France) enter into a partnership and cooperation agreement.



(August 5) JCC and The Taiwan Beauty Valley (Taiwan) enter into a partnership and cooperation agreement.


(January 20) JCC and The Thai Cosmetic Cluster (Thailand) enter into a partnership and cooperation agreement.

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