Member Introduction

Member Name Toremy Corporation
Business contents Commissioned manufacture of cosmetics and quasi-drugs
Products handled / Service ● Planning, development and manufacture of cosmetics andquasi-drugs
【Major Products】
 ・Basic cosmetics
 ・Hair cosmetics
 ・Make-up cosmetics
 ・Commercial use cosmetics
Appeal Point ● Consistent planning, development and manufacture with in-house laboratory and manufacturing facilities.
● A wide range of products handled from skin care, hair care, makeup, fragrance, quasi-drugs, etc.
● We have a factory in Kyushu that is close to Asia (Karatsu City , Saga) and swift delivery possible through cooperating inspection and logistics companies.
Potential ● これまで取引先約200社に対し化粧品、医薬部外品の企画提案、製造を行ってきました。
● 佐賀県唐津市にある唐津工場はクリーンルーム、エアシャワーを完備し衛生的な工場でGMP基準に準拠した品質管理のもと安心、安全な化粧品作りを心掛けています。
● 50kg,100kg,300kg,600kgの真空乳化装置を有し小ロットから大ロットまで生産可能
Other Domestic base:2 locations