Member Introduction

Member Name Hoshi Corporation
Business contents Manufacture and sales of cosmetics
Products handled / Service ● Sales of raw materials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food
● Planning and sales of containers and packaging materials.
● Planning and commissioned manufacture of cosmetics, medical products and heath support foods
Appeal Point ● Hoshi Chemicals does not only "manufactures", research institutes and of course a sales division, support from product planning to marketing, planning and development department to pport sales strategy, a total customer support system established to support international business development.
Potential ● Safety and high quality is ensured with redundant checks conforming to GMP.
Thorough hygiene management is the foundation of Hoshi corporation.
From the selection of appropriate chemicals to the delivery of the finished product, safety and quality is thoroughly controled in the whole process of manufacturing cosmetics.
Selection of manufacturing lines to correspond to lots or manufacturing items with 4 domestic factories, we provide solutions to respond to customer demands. Additionally, we expanded and improved our research and development section in 2005 and at the end of 2015 as the support base for expansion overseas by customers; we opened the Okinawa Factory within the logistics facility "Okinawa Global Logistics Center". In order to respond to sophisticated needs, we have established an in-house system.
Anything concerning cosmetics can be manufactured.
Other Domestic base:Gunma Factory, Saitama Factory, Tokyo Factory,Okinawa Factory
Employee:42 (headquarters only)
Factory employees 51(excluding part-time workers)