Member Introduction

Member Name Office Takahashi Co., Ltd.
Business contents Manufacture and Sales Business
Products handled / Service ● Manufacture and sales of original jigsaw puzzles
● Health food sales (Narutobiei (longheaded eagle ray), Kikuimo(Jerusalem artichoke))
● Cosmetics raw materials, health food raw materials
● Fungicides, photocatalytic coating material sales
● IT system development
Appeal Point ● Currently working on research and development of Big Data processing system in conjunction with joint research with Universities and Corporations for "sensor to measure skin and hair moisture). We
are also looking for other companies to join us.
● In the future, we are hoping to construct a system that will provide substantiated information for French cosmetics to the Japanese consumers through IT.
● We are searching for a company that would like to plan original jigsaw puzzles with fragrance.
Potential ● Cultivation and sales Japanese "Kikuimo". Manufacture and sales of powder that can be used with heath foods.
● Acquired patent for peptide component originating from "rays". Provided as health food raw material.
● Applying company patented technology to do joint development with universities, etc., of "skin sensor system" in conjunction with cosmetics.
Other Domestic base:Saga Prefecture(Original jigsaw puzzle domestic net agency 74 shops)