Member Introduction

Member Name Motomura Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Business contents Machinery Metals Manufacturing
Products handled / Service ● Manufacture of stainless steel tanks for brewing
● Manufacture of depressurization distillation apparatus
Appeal Point ● We developed with our own technology depressurization distillation apparatus for "shochu" 30 years ago and provide these to many brewing companies domestically.
We developed steam distillation method aroma oil extracting equipment by applying this technology and are currently selling these.
Potential ● We are selling aroma oil extraction "aroma depressurization steam distillation apparatus" nationwide in Japan.
● We also do commission work for manufacturing and testing aroma oils.
● We technically established the aroma oil extraction method for the plants indigenous to Japan, citron and cypress.
● Other company information, we have exported distillation apparatus overseas
● We have manufactured and sold the origin of the "Aroma depressurization steam distillation apparatus", the shochu depressurization distillation apparatus, nationwide since about 40 years ago.
We have delivered a maximum 10-ton distillation apparatus.
● We delivered a 2000L depressurization distillation apparatus to Louis Royer.
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Other Domestic base:Osaka Office (Doujimahama, Kitaku, Osaka-shi,Osaka) 2people