Member Introduction

Member Name Azare Products Co., Ltd.
Business contents Manufacture and sales of cosmetics
OEM cosmetics manufacture (Affiliated company, Kyowa
Cosmetics Industry Co., Ltd.)
Products handled / Service ● Manufacture and sales of cosmetics and quasi-drugs
Skin care
Appeal Point ● With the concept of Azare products utilize the power of naturea nd "bring out the natural strength of skin that it possesses", . We are developed our business in Japan nationwide with door to door sales from 1977. Currently, we are selling through our 2 company stores and 37 sale agent stores. With the focus on skin care products derived from natural sources, we handle hair care, body care, various cosmetics, make-up products and various other cosmetics products.
Potential ● From skin care to makeup, we develop, manufacture, fill and package at our company.
● We prescription develop our own original products such as skin care, toiletry and makeup products.
● At the hygienically managed factory, we have 150L, 280L, 650L, 1300L vacuum emulsifying kettles and can manufacture from small to large lots according to the needs of the customer.
● We have a filling and packaging line that does bottle washing, filling, capping, weight check, label, and lot printing automatically and the production capacity is 10,000 units/ day.
● We deliver products that customers can rest assured are safe with our cosmetics GMP compliant quality management.
Other Domestic base:2 domestic company stores, 37 sales agent stores