Member Introduction

Member Name Mandom Corporation
Business contents ・Manufacture and sales of cosmetics and perfumes
・Manufacture and sales of quasi-drugs
Products handled / Service ● Manufacture and sales of products through an agency for mass distribution to mainly drug stores and convenience stores.
Appeal Point ● Through beauty and health, help you for a comfortable life, w hen people touch "beauty" they remember a deep impression in their hearts, and a feeling of sa tisfaction will spread. That exciting
emotion and the feeling of contentment places a positive impact on the mind and body, and is tied to the feeling of health and is included in the words "through beauty and health". Creating things of value, such as to evoke the aesthetic sense in consumers, and t o deliver to as many consumers as possible products and services that are attractive is recognizi ng to "help you for a comfortable life" and strive for the maximum satisfaction of consumers.
Potential ● Since its establishment of Mandom in December 1927, it has experienced financial crisis twice and in
the process of overcoming the crisis, the spirit and the mission of the company and the meaning of its
existence were reexamined. By "aiming to be the Only One," and "OYAKUDACHI(to be useful) to
consumers" the company must be accepted and thought of as necessary to society or it would not be
able to continue to survive was the conclusion that was derived. From this, promoting our own unique
business under the slogan "Only One", we are making efforts to "be useful to consumers." In addition, in the Mandom Group the basic philosophy of "through the health and beauty, help towards a
comfortable life" is shared and we strive towards the corporate image of the future of "Only One company that has global management strength in Asia.".
Other Domestic base:3 offices, 1 factory, 7 sales office