Member Introduction

Member Name Bathclin Corporation. Direct Marketing Division
Business contents Quasi-drug products (bath salts, hair growth agents, etc.)
Manufacture and sales of sundries, etc.
Products handled / Service ● In addition to sales of the long running bathing agent "Bathclin", sales of "Japan's Famous Hot Springs" series, sold and planned together with hot spring resorts by analyzing the hot spring resort spring qualities, the briquette formulation effervescent bathing agent "Kikiyu", skin care bathing agent "Sofure", Japan's first bathtub cleaning agent "Bathpika", etc., and even today, effort is being placed also in mail order with sales of medicated hair tonics "Hatsuhime", "Hatsutono", cosmetics brand "Bi Kan Sei", and with our own technology, has been strengthening sales with a 3-in-1 product for bathing, cleaning, and purification, "yakuyo nyuyoku-eki (medicated bathing liquid)".
Appeal Point ● For bathing agents, the company is number 1 in Japan for the SCI sales amount share. In addition, the company was the first to developed release bathing agents in Japan.
Potential ● Possesses knowledge of herbal medicine and for hot springs (onsen) bathing agents, has the technology to analyze the hot springs and make the bathing agents. Specialties are in the field medicated bathing agents and medicated hair growth tonics.
Other Employee:200