Member Introduction

Member Name MIZ Co., Ltd.
Business contents ・Pharmacies
・Drug stores
・Cosmetics specialty stores
・Herbal medicine consultation offices
・Nursery schools
・Nursing care business
Products handled / Service ● Sales of Basic cosmetics, makeup cosmetics (Shiseido, Albion, Kose, Kanebo, others)
● Sales of fragrances
● Filling prescriptions
● Sales of General pharmaceuticals, health foods, miscellaneous goods
● Rental and sales of welfare equipment, home improvements
● Day nursing care (day service)
● Nursery schools
Appeal Point ● 10 cosmetics specialty store opening in Saga, Tokyo, etc.
● At our subsidiary Kampo Mizudo while selling herbal medicines, macrobiotics and cosmetics, a portion is promoted as PB at the same time.
Potential ● At our affiliate Mizu Kampo, original product (PB) is developed and sold.
Other Domestic base:Saga Prefecture