Member Introduction

Member Name Chinoshiosya Company Ltd.
Business contents Manufacture and sales of cosmetics, cleaning agents derived from natural ingredients, solid soap, powder soap and liquid soap
Products handled / Service ● Cosmetics manufacture and sales
● Manufacture and sales of natural cleaning agents, solid soap, powder soap, liquid soap
Appeal Point ● We are a manufacturer with our company headquarters and factory are located in an environment rich with nature, surrounded by greenery with fresh clear air and water and we manufacture and sell
cosmetics and cleaning agents using ingredients in consideration of nature and the environment.
● Over a long period of time, we have cooperated with local agricultural producers and we have natural ingredients paying special attention to cultivation methods and processing technologies.
Potential ● We have our own factory and we manufacture and sell cosmetics and cleaning agents and use ingredients that are natural and environmentally conscious (Our company products and provide OEM).
● We provide OEM manufacturing of cosmetics, cleaning agents, etc., to domestic and overseas customers.
● We have been cooperating with local agricultural producers for 20 years and are commitment to cultivation methods and processing technology and have our own natural rawm aterials.
● Currently, our company also has direct overseas (mainly Asia) transactions, and have also started participating in joint development of products.
Other Employee:Approximately 65 (entire group)