Member Introduction

Member Name Nippon Ref ine Co., Ltd.
Business contents 【Purification Recycling Business】
・Refining solvent to high grade product
・Commissioned recycling of used solvent
・Taking away used solvent
・Sales of recycled solvents
・Commissioned production processing (separation and purification process)
Products handled / Service 未利用資源を活用した化粧品原料エキス、抽出物の製造販売。
Appeal Point 【Japan Refine Total Solutions】
● For the various environmental problems that companies face such as reducing VOC and CO2 emissions, we will find the optimal answer and propose solutions with a wide field of view.
● Because "Japan Refine" handles a wide range of businesses focused on separation technology, we can do services such as recycling of solvents, recovery of VOC from exhaust and waste water, collection of recovered liquids, reduction of waste materials, treatment of waste after reduction, provide solvent high grade production, etc.
Other Domestic base:6 locations