Member Introduction

Member Name H・L Beaute Co., Ltd.
Business contents ・Wholesale of beauty related products for aesthetic salons and wholesale of jewelry
・Development and guidance of partner shops
Products handled / Service ● Wholesale of beauty-related products for aesthetic salons
 ・Basic cosmetics (for businesses, shops) ・Makeup cosmetics
 ・Supplement Products ・Beauty equipment (for business use and home care)
 ・Body-shaping underwear and Jewelry
● Aesthetician education
● Aesthetic salon management and operational guidance
● Cosmetics OEM
● Jewelry wholesale
Appeal Point ● We not only also provide beauty-related products but also focus on the education of skills, knowledge and human strength.
● Within shops there are shop dealing only in products (skills, knowledge, sales methods), and a partner shop system providing employee education (mind and practice) an d original ways to attract customers, human resource development, shop development and up to operational support.
● We even support personal independent practices and aesthetic bu siness entrants from different industries.
● Planning, research, and manufacturing are carried out at the group's factory for our brand cosmetics and there is also the support and trust of the vast customer da ta and track records complied over approximately 30 years of the group's directly managed salons.
Potential ● There is know-how established by a facial service + basic cosmetics (repeat) system to realize sound management (stable sales).
● Partner shop independent practice (condominiums and tenants) is possible for about 1.5 millioñ.
● Because there have been entrants for partner shops from other industries with track records of expanding their shops in a few years, more than 10 shops of business (shops) expansion is possible.
● We also have a subsidiary in France and we also have development in the euro zone, etc., within our view (currently, there are group companies in China, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia)
Other Domestic base:3 locations