Member Introduction

Member Name Mirai Clinic LLC
Business contents Sales of cosmetics and related products
Products handled / Service ● Body wash, solid soap, body serum, body spray, face wash, face serum, books, etc.
Appeal Point ● Natural cosmetics using Japanese raw materials sold mainly in the U.S.
● Our company's persimmon soap of our company was adopted for the Cool Japan Policy of 2015 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it will also take off as a representative soap of Japan to the world from now on.
● In addition to the United States, we are recruiting agent shops in every country, including Japan.
● We are also looking for beauty and health-related products that would like to be sold as our brand.
Potential ● Our company is the only company that is selling body care cosmetics using deodorant persimmon ingredients outside of Japan. (as of January 2016 to date).
● Representative held by CIDESCO.
● We are strong in online sales and have an online on Amazon U.S. and management know-how.
● The connection of our product being selected as a gift for the 2016 Oscars has reinforced our connection with Hollywood (for marketing purposes).
Other Employee:10