Japan Cosmetic Center pursues the following activities in accordance with its founding purpose and philosophy

FY2021 Business Plan

01 : Developing new markets

Overseas export support business project

To promote the overseas participation of JCC members and local industries and the formation of manufacturing regions (manufacturing for export) by JCC members and local industries. and to attract inward investment into the region.
Conducting study sessions on regulations in each country
Support for the preparation of export documentation and other export-related activities
Support for exhibiting at the international exhibition “Cosmetic360” in France
Support for developing sales channels through business negotiations and matching
Collection and dissemination of information on markets and industries in other countries

Development of local cosmetic sales channels support projects

To support the development of domestic and overseas markets for cosmetic products made from locally produced materials by JCC members and Kyushu prefectures.
①Kyushu Cosmetics Project
Developing online and offline sales channels to secure permanent sales points and support promotional measures to contribute to exit strategies for local brands in Kyushu/Okinawa
②Regional Brands Creation Project
Supporting coordination of collaboration with major companies and different industries, etc. for branding that increases added value for member companies and regional industries

02 : Industry creation

Industry-Academia cooperation platform project

To create a network of domestic and international researchers in the field of cosmetics to create a platform for the development of new technologies and to develop human resources for the industry.
Building a nationwide network of cosmetics researchers
Building a network of researchers in collaboration with France
Holding symposiums, seminars, and technical exchange meetings to promote technology matching and researcher exchange. (In cooperation with (2) Knowledge network formation project)
Holding lectures for working people.
Holding courses for students (university and high school students) (vocational education)

Knowledge network formation project

To build a network of experts in various fields related to cosmetics, and provides detailed and accurate support to member companies through consultations by experts.
Consultation for technical and pharmaceutical inquiries
Technical evaluation for technology matching
Planning and implementation of lectures and seminars according to needs

Overseas cluster collaboration project

To promote the global development of the JCC by strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the Global Cosmetic Cluster (GCC).

  1. Information Gathering/Sharing Project
    Visualizing cluster information from countries worldwide and sharing information in Japan
    Sharing information on regulations/registration in various countries and steps for market access, etc., promoting reciprocal trade
    Promoting member exchange with clusters by cooperating in the operation of the GCC online platform
  2. Planning/operation of business missions and online seminars
    Business dealings, technical research, human resource cultivation, etc.

Member networking project

JCC carries out consultations and support for issues related to matters of review and the business of member companies and regional industries.

  1. Supporting company activities/providing consultations
    Matters related to marketing, developing sales channels, and making new business
    Matters related to utilizing regional materials, turning resources into raw materials, manufacturing technologies, and regulations
    Matters related to promoting sales
  2. Holding seminars
    Development of a consultation response scheme
    Matters related to marketing, developing sales channels, making new business, utilizing regional materials, turning resources into raw materials, manufacturing technologies, regulations, and promoting sales
  3. Holding seminars
    Implementing networking projects and seminars that meet member and regional needs

Project to growth of cosmetics technology and human resources in Saga prefecture (commissioned by Saga Prefecture)

The program is designed to develop new technologies related to cosmetics and to create an environment that fosters human resources who can play an active role in the beauty and health industry.
Employment of one expert with experience in advanced cosmetic technologies

  1. Research and development of technology for next-generation cosmetics
    Establishment of a joint research course at Saga University (Department of Cosmetic Science)
    Collaboration with public research institutes in the prefecture
  2. Human resource development program
    Development of programs in cooperation with universities and related organizations in the prefecture
    Conducting seminars and lectures
    Support for employment at cosmetic-related companies in the prefecture.

03 : Regional brands

Information Sharing Project

JCC utilizes various media including online/offline tools and inbound tourism to communicate the outcomes of JCC’s endeavors and the merits of member companies and the region to help improve recognition and give value to activities.

  1. Online Information Sharing Project
    Strengthening information sharing that uses online magazines, social media, etc.
  2. Showcase Project
    Establishing a showcase that introduces/communicates JCC principles/activities and products JCC has helped develop
  3. Advertising
    Advertising in various media

Regional raw material development support project

Search for locally produced raw materials.
Through consultations and support for development of raw materials
that use locally producedmaterials, JCC promotes utilization of locally produced materials and a supply of regionalraw materials.

  1. Search for locally produced raw materials.
    Search for materials that match cosmetic trends, and search for materials with high distribution potential in cooperation with member companies.
    Search for active ingredients of locally produced materials in cooperation with universities and public research institutes.
  2. Consultations on using raw materials, support for developing raw materials (member companies, regional businesses) 

04 : Placement of professional staff


Placement of professional staff
Professional staff are placed to effectively and efficiently promote JCC activities.

  1. Placement of professional staff :6
    • General manager : 1
    • ecretary general : 1
    • Coordinators : 2
    • Staff  : 1
    • Project leader : 1 (seconded to the outside entities)
  2. Activities of professional staff
    While collaborating with relevant entities to meet the various needs of member companies and regional industries, staff coordinate activities and plan/execute various projects to achieve the cosmetic cluster concept.