Japan Cosmetic Center was founded to help bring businesses in the cosmetics industry and associated employment opportunities to Saga Prefecture, particularly to the city of Karatsu and the town of Genkai, and to communities throughout northern Kyushu by putting in place a business environment suited to the cosmetics sector through partnership among industry, academia, and government; spurring economic activities that utilize regional resources by stimulating exchanges among diverse human resources and bringing together technologies; and building structures to promote their application to the global market.

Founding purpose

Building a people- and environment-friendly international cluster of cosmetics businesses that use local resources and exceptional technologies.

Japan Cosmetic Center (JCC) was established with a membership consisting of affiliated companies, producers, universities and other research institutions, government agencies, and economic groups and other support institutions in order to create an international cosmetics cluster in Saga Prefecture and northern Kyushu centered around the city of Karatsu and the town of Genkai.


JCC will create an international cosmetics cluster founded on the four industries of beauty, health, materials, and exchange.


Transforming distinctive regional assets into value for the people of the world

JCC is dedicated to contributing to the revitalization of not only the region and domestic Japanese market, but also the world by creating new added value using regional resources in the beauty and health industries.


Creating sustainable industries by tapping the regional economy, supporting members’ activities, and securing new markets so that all may enjoy a better tomorrow

JCC will bring together information, human resources, and industry in an effort to continuously create a new cosmetics industry based in the region by taking advantage of regional resources in Saga Prefecture and northern Kyushu, particularly in the city of Karatsu and the town of Genkai; establishing companies and institutions tasked with carrying out scholarly research and education; and contributing to the revitalization of economic transactions in Japan and abroad.